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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Writing – competition - Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales is a competition from Create50, looking for 50 scary stories for a new horror anthology.

Length – 2,000 words

Deadline – 30 November, 2015

Fee - £5 per story (You can enter an unlimited amount of stories, and indeed should submit a minimum of two)


1st Place for best Writing £250 cash // Android Tablet // Scrivener Writing Software // Mystery prize TBC

2nd Place £100 cash // Scrivener Writing Software // Mystery prize TBC

3rd Place Scrivener Writing Software // Place Mystery prize TBC

Anyone can enter, from any country, though stories must be written in English.

NOTE: For each story you submit you MUST read and feedback on three other stories.

All stories must include a title page with the name of the story and author. Please do not add your contact details on this page.

All stories must be submitted in the format: 12-point Times New Roman, and double space text.

All stories must be submitted in Microsoft Word or basic RTF format (Rich Text Format) or PDF format. No other word processor files will be accepted. Note that most word processors will allow you to save your file in Rich Text Format if you do not have MS Word or cannot convert to PDF.

Please name your file with the title, draft number and your name - example My-Script-Draft-2-By-Jane-Jones.doc or My-Script-Draft-2-By-Jane-Jones.rtf

All stories must be original works.

The website contains the full rules and also a lot of advice, so do check it out:

Submit at least two stories. The one you think is a great spooky tale, and the one that scares you to write.

The world in your story should be ‘today’, so no Victorian Gothic stories or Sci-Fi creatures in space. Your ghosts, creatures and monsters need to exist in our world and environment.
Good luck!

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