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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Writing – markets – Dark fiction - Dirge

Dirge is a new magazine that was launched in December.

Crypt - Wikipedia commons

It’s currently in the market for fiction and non-fiction.

Here are details about fiction submissions – which need to be submitted by 28 February.

Dirge is looking for speculative fiction with a dark angle: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, alternate history and related genres. They say: ‘While dark fantasy and horror are the safest bets, we're interested in any narrative which contains elements of the surreal, or disturbing. We like to feel unsettled after reading your story, whatever it's about.

‘What we're interested in: Creep (Writing fiction that makes people uncomfortable? We want to see it.). Fresh takes on old tales. Non-Lovecraftian cosmic horror (think Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach trilogy). Dark fantasy, and experimental horror. Kick us in the feels.

‘What we're less interested in: Zombies (Zzzz.). Supernatural romance, probably supernatural anything unless it's genuinely unsettling. Fanfic. We don't have anything against gore, but your story should have a lot more going for it than that. We don't have a problem with sex, either, but we aren't an erotica market.’

Story-length: 2,000-4,000 words. Flash fiction also welcome.

Payment: Rates range from $50-$150, agreed on acceptance.

Simultaneous Submissions: Yes, but let them know, and be sure to tell them if your submission gets placed elsewhere!

NOTE: Limited to one submission per author. [Please resubmit only if requested.]

Reprints:  No.

Good luck!

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