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Thursday, 2 January 2014

FFB - STAGE STRUCK by Suzanne Stokes

Originally published 2008, now re-published as an e-book.

For Brits and expat Brits, both the run-up to Christmas and the month of January bursts with pantomime productions. Right now, this book is a timely read, as it features an amateur dramatics group setting up a pantomime. Of course, it'll appeal to readers anywhere!
Rose’s friend Lauren has been talked into going along to an amateur dramatic society meeting in the village of Sipton – unfortunately the initials are SADS. Rose is a wilting flower and Lauren wants to help. Surprisingly, Rose is quite attracted to the group – and the pantomime, and before she realises it, she’s a cast member! She meets an interesting assortment of people – Mason Fairfax is the director and he’s quite attractive, though married to Candy, who is secretly sweet on Nick, the technician. There are several others involved in the production and each seems to own a closet where the skeleton is kept. So Rose is in good company, since her past haunts her most nights. When she finds herself attracted to the Yank John, Rose realises that she must confront her nightmares or lose this adorable attractive man.

The run-up to the Christmas production of the pantomime reveals the gradual destruction of a marriage, infidelity, regret and jealousy. The path of true love for several couples is somewhat rocky along the way.

Some moments are humorous and others quite poignant. Whether or not you’ve been involved in amdram, you should find this a most enjoyable read.
Suzanne Stokes has two other books available, both published as Musa e-books:
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Jan Warburton said...

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed all Suzanne's books. She is an excellent author and my reviews of them are all on Amazon. I do hope she has some new books coming out soon.

Nik said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jan. I'm sure Suzanne appreciates it too!