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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

‘A fantastic map’

I’ve just found a new 5-star review of my book on!

“When I started Nik Morton's WRITE A WESTERN IN 30 DAYS, what struck me was that this wasn't just a book of guidelines and tid bits for someone attempting a western, this is a fantastic map to anyone who wants to dive into the world of genre fiction.

What Morton lays out are some of the best, common-sense rules for writing that I've ever come across - especially the chapters on plotting and structure. If you're not writing a western, it doesn't matter; what can be found in this book can be applied to any genre novel. What Nik Morton has done, finally, is to lay a solid foundation for a way for writers to follow a path to get their work done in the cleanest, most efficient way possible - and discover their best work besides. Highly recommended.”

Thank you, C. Courtney Joyner! purchase here purchase here

Courtney Joyner is a screenwriter and director with over 25 produced movies, including the cult films Prison, Class of 1999, the TV movie Distant Cousins, and the new Captain Nemo.  He’s written extensively about the history of movies, and contributed chapters to the books Lon Chaney, Jr., The Book of Lists: Horror and Duke: We’re Glad We Knew You.  The Westerners, a collection of his interviews with western film makers, has just been published by McFarland.  A member of the Horror Writers Association and the Western Writers of America, Courtney lives in Los Angeles. He is a regular contributor on movies to the monthly magazine True West. His first fictional western has just been released – Shotgun. purchase here

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