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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Floreskand - a very cultivated creation

Morton Faulkner's FLORESKAND Fantasy novels – REVIEWS

1: WINGSfour new reviews; now totalling 7 x 5-stars

This book took a few chapters to get in to but in the end provided a gripping read with a lot of interesting twists. Well worth reading and certainly the next series to be added to my bookshelf.

A great fantasy adventure with an amazing imagination. You get totally involved in the story from beginning to end. Highly recommend. I have also bought Volume 2 King.

A great fantasy/adventure read and a real page turner. You get so involved with the characters I caught myself holding my breath more than once!

Brilliant read, looking forward to more in this series!


2: KINGthree new reviews; now totalling 4 x 5-stars and 1 x 4-star

A great read again getting you more involved in the story of Floreskand with many more interesting characters. Another page turner full of anticipation and adventure. Can't wait for the next volume. Well done to the authors for creating a wonderful story.

Great follow up to volume one. Fantastic adventure with myriad twists and turns to the plot. I am eagerly awaiting the next volume of this gripping series.

Excellent follow up to "Wings", thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.
Our thanks to all our reviewers! - Morton Faulkner

In its final phases prior to publication in April: 


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