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Monday, 26 February 2018

'Recommended for fans of The Saint ...'

My sixth collection of short stories, Leon Cazador, P.I. has a most helpful (to potential readers) long review on Goodreads, where each of the 23 short stories is covered, and it begins like this: 

'A likable protagonist in Leon Cazador, a colorful international flavor, and some terrific writing make these stories about a PI who likes bringing the ungodly to justice a very enjoyable read. Leon has a heart, yet uses common sense in his assessment of problems in Spain and Europe, often in refreshing contrast to political correctness.

'Some stories involve criminal cases, others are more adventure oriented. Some are just stories about Spain’s people Leon has known and helped...'

There then follows a detailed review of the stories, ending:

'...I liked the old-fashioned Saint vibe blended with modern day Spain and with an interesting half-English half-Spanish protagonist in Leon Cazador. The colorful flavor of Spain and an international vibe give these stories some spice...

'Recommended for fans of The Saint and other such knights who come to the aid of those in need. I’m giving it four solid stars as it makes a nice little bedside read when you need something short.'

Thank you Bobby Underwood, avid reader and reviewer!

  Leon Cazador, P.I. - e-book and paperback from Amazon here  

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