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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Numbers don't add up!

As I pass the 200,000 page-views, I’ve noticed some strange figures. Maybe that milestone isn’t as significant as I first thought. 

Yesterday, I appeared to have in excess of 9,000 page-views – in one day! And yet the count for any individual day’s post or for the week doesn’t come anywhere near that total.

The ‘audience’ count tells a different picture:

France – 1254
Brazil – 1494
Belgium – 1219
Philippines – 717
Kuwait – 430
Ukraine – 75
US – 11
China – 5
UK - 3
Turkey – 3

As for individual posts, my entry for 20 October 2013 – Halloween – a sepulchral place totalled 666…! Horrifyingly significant?

So now I’m not so sure that that milestone is ‘real’… A pity, as it would be nice to think that all those page-viewers were actually interested in the various books I’ve posted about!


Neil Waring said...

I would guess the 200,000 is real and yesterday was the oddity. I read them all - lots of good info. Oh, the 666 is both weird and funny.

Nik Morton said...

Thanks for those encouraging words, Neil! I've noticed the occasional excessive count before, but nothing like this one. Thanks for reading - sorry at present I'm not posting much... Visitors from UK...