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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Rostron Ultimatum - ' hell of a set up...'

Reader, writer and reviewer F.R Jameson is reading and reviewing my first short story collection, Gifts from a Dead Race, commenting on each story in Goodreads. The sixth in the contents is 'The Rostron Ultimatum'  was written in the 1970s and this is what he says :

"An astronaut messages back from The Moon demanding The President's resignation, which is frankly one hell of a set up for an entertaining story.

"The President of the story is a hard-core evangelical Christian, but reading it I couldn't help imagining the current occupant of the White House and what would ensue if he was the main character.

"Within minutes of the demand there would be a tweet about low ratings for Moon broadcasts, he’d swiftly suggest that Crooked Hilary had done worse than he had ever done, blame the media for maligning him and the batshit craziness would just pile on from there. Something for Nik to think about, in fact, if he’s tempted to write a 2017 version."

Many thanks, Mr Jameson!

[His reviews of other stories in the collection can be found in Goodreads].

Available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon here

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