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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Visiting UK and a Coffin

Sorry, but Jen and I were visiting UK 8 to 24 September and I was remiss about setting some automatic posts to appear in my absence!

We need rain here in Spain. We had plenty our first week in Hampshire, that's for sure.  The Ford Focus hire car only had 5,600 miles on the clock; in a week, we managed to drive about 900 miles.

Drying out, we then drove up to the Lake District via the M6;we used the toll road to expedite the trip and it was just as well as at the northern end of the toll we encountered repeated tailbacks of traffic, mainly caused by road-signs advising reduction of speed to 40mph (without due cause save slip-roads joining. So the journey took about ten hours!

Although we expected it to rain in the Lake District, it didn't, though it was overcast - brooding skies over them there hills. Nil points to the town council of Keswick. On a Saturday they had minor road-works in the town centre, closing off a road, though no work in progress, and combined with the emptying of countless car-parks, contributed to a traffic jam which we endured for 1hr 40 minutes!

A traffic jam here in Spain lasts about ten minutes...

We stayed at two Premier Inns and we'd recommend them. Then we drove the route of Hadrian's Wall to stay with friends for the remainder of our sojourn, returning the hire car to Newcastle airport. 

The diet starts tomorrow... (!)

Returned home to find a new review on Amazon Com for Coffin for Cash:

Miles and Cash each follow their separate trails and end up practically with each other except Cash was buried under two feet of soil in a coffin by a couple who had owned the hotel near the Lenore Casino. It was named after the wife of Baron Hans von Kempelen, the owner. There are many twists and turns which made it even more exciting and kept my attention to the end. Five stars.

Thank you, Mr Case!

A while back, I promised more information about Coffin. This will be forthcoming. Honest. 

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