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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Coffin for Cash - saddle up

No, this isn’t a promotion for funeral insurance or savings, though judging by the costs these days, it makes sense to plan ahead for that inevitable day…

This is about the latest adventure of Cash Laramie, a character created by David Cranmer in his guise as Edward A. Grainger. He has been most generous with this character and Cash’s pal, Gideon Miles, commissioning other authors to write new adventures in their noir western universe.

I’m pleased to note that my contribution to this series – book #5 – all standalone stories – Bullets for a Ballot has picked up 49 reviews. Many thanks to all those readers who took time out to review the book – even that 10% who could only manage two stars. [If only I could get another review to mark the 50th!]

Tomorrow sees the publication of the e-book Coffin for Cash. And the cover is definitely eye-catching!

Thanks again, David for inviting me to join an illustrious group of scribes.

Coffin for Cash

A noir western that plunges Cash into a premature burial and for Miles tugs at tell-tale heart strings.

Cash Laramie has been in plenty of tight spots, but this – being buried alive – has to be the worst! 

It all started innocently enough, as a favour for his boss, accompanying a rich woman in her search for her brother. The trail leads to The Bells, a strange hotel run by a brother and sister team, which just happens to be adjacent to the funeral parlour and cemetery...

His friend Miles is nearby, intent on escorting a suspected murderer to Cheyenne for trial. Yet Miles discovers that his charge might be innocent, after all, and lingers to ask questions. And those inquiries mean upsetting some people, which leads to an ambush, and a final reckoning at the outlandish casino complex constructed by a rich bigoted German baron.

Throw into the mix the attractive Berenice, a schizophrenic bank manager, irate miners, Chinese workers, a boisterous slot machine salesman, and a devious lawyer and you have another explosive adventure for the Outlaw Marshal. 
Tomorrow, I'll post an excerpt - nothing more than you'll find on Amazon, though...

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