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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Book review - End as an Assassin

I enjoyed Lex Lander’s first outing, Another Day, Another Jackal (as evinced by my blog of 30 May 2014 - here), so thought I’d try his latest, with a new anti-hero, the intriguing André Warner, Manhunter, assassin for hire. 

As before, Lander has the knack of creating believable characters, immersing them in real places where he seems very knowledgeable. His knowledge also stretches to cars and guns.

Warner wants to retire and this is to be his last job. He has been given a new target to kill. One rain-sodden night, crime boss Fabrice Tillou is surprised when Warner confronts him; it will be a clean kill. Unfortunately, it isn’t – because Tillou’s mistress interrupts…

From that moment on, Warner’s future is highly uncertain.

Warner is not modest, by any means. He knows he’s good at what he does; he also believes that he’s popular with women: a lady-killer, though not in the literal sense, of course: he’s definitely not politically correct! However, his reason for being cold and calculating where the fair sex is concerned can be traced to the loss of his wife, Marion. He’s surprised to find that his heart can be still be stirred; and perhaps his brief encounter with the delightful Georgina will prove it. Could this new love be the one? To end his career as an assassin? Life’s not that easy, or that kind, it seems.

Warner is a rounded creation, and gradually evokes your sympathy as he becomes entangled in events that threaten to crush him.

There’s sex, violence and death aplenty. So be warned.

Since his release of the Jackal book, it seems Mr Lander has been busy, as End as an Assassin is published concurrently with its follow-up I Kill, which I'll read and review shortly.

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