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Monday, 6 April 2015

Reviewing numbers - and thanks

The last couple of days I’ve been under the weather. Strange expression, that. Aren’t we always under the weather of one sort or another? Anyway, I’m taking an unwelcome break – as to a welcome break, which is a chain of motels, I think – jotting down a few ruminative thoughts on numbers.

Reviews are always welcome, as is feedback. No writer can always get it right, but we’d like to think we get it as close as we can – close to entertaining, making readers think, perhaps, evoking memories of a place, or simply being lost in a tale for a few hours. We don’t write for the money (though that’s a measure, and it’s nice), and we don’t write for glowing reviews (though they can be emotionally uplifting), and we certainly don’t write to become aunty sallys at the fairground (mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t mar the entire book, surely?).

I’ve been looking at the numbers of reviews for my currently available books and they make interesting reading.

Write a Western in 30 Days - 7

Sudden Vengeance - 4

Blood of the Dragon Trees - 8

Spanish Eye - 3

The Prague Papers - 2

The Tehran Text - 0

Catalyst - 1

Bullets for a Ballot - 9
Wings of the Overlord - 5


Write a Western in 30 Days - 11

Sudden Vengeance - 2

Blood of the Dragon Trees - 6

Spanish Eye - 7

The Prague Papers - 1

The Tehran Text - 0

Catalyst - 0

Bullets for a Ballot - 45

Wings of the Overlord - 0

That’s a total of 111 reviews for 9 books. However, some reviewers are good enough to post their review on both the UK and the COM site; others may not have access for one reason or another. And some reviews are not duplicated on both sites, but are original to the one site. So that total is a little misleading. Still, it’s good to know that that all those readers have taken the time not only to read my books, but have also made the effort to review them.

So, the purpose of this post is to offer my thanks; I’m grateful for your consideration.

I’m not counting the westerns, written under the pen name Ross Morton. Some of these have Amazon reviews, but in the main they’re read by library borrowers or reviewed on dedicated western sites:
Death at Bethesda Falls
Last Chance Saloon
The $300 Man
Blind Justice at Wedlock
Old Guns
The Magnificent Mendozas

And I’m not counting those that are Out of print
Amazon UK
Pain Wears No Mask - 9
Death is Another Life - 1
When the Flowers are in Bloom – 0
Amazon COM
Pain Wears No Mask - 4
Death is Another Life - 6
When the Flowers are in Bloom – 4

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