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Monday, 16 March 2015

'Clever in conception and execution...'

My collection of short crime stories Spanish Eye has received a great review from American author Ron Scheer.

A glimpse can be gleaned here, but please consider popping over to Ron’s blog and read the whole thing - see below. (And while you’re there, browse his other blog entries, which all make fascinating and enlightening reading):

‘A recent resident (for part of a summer) of Madrid, who came to enjoy that city’s laid-back culture, I felt some pleasant déjà vu in the world of Morton’s stories which are peopled by the men and women I observed there on the leafy avenidas, in the busy neighborhood plazas, and among the fountains in the parks. The stories are often clever in their conception and execution. Reading them you get to enjoying Cazador's congenial, wise company.’

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