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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Irony of ironies

Ironic, really. When I knew I would be away (in UK) for about two weeks, I prepared a daily blog to be scheduled for publication each day (I know, that's why it's 'daily...)  Now, on the day following my birthday, I find I'm running out of time and don't blog at all!

In mitigation, we're busy preparing for two visitors from UK, a week each more or less... A trip to the local tip for garden refuse, shopping, cleaning windows, floors, pool, the usual chores... Colouring in a Spiderman picture for grandson Darius at his behest (he's quite bossy, aged almost six)... And still trying to catch up on the so many birthday greetings on Facebook; thank you everyone for making the effort to post greetings.

So, I'll be back here as soon as feasible. (Memo to self: prepare a few 'standby blogs' to post to use in cases where I can't get to the computer!)

Thanks again for reading my blog.

PS - For leisure, please try one of the many Saturday Stories you will find here. Thanks!

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