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Friday, 4 July 2014


Happy 4th July to my 'cousins' and friends across the pond!

The shot heard round the world - plaque, Concord

Today being a Friday, I normally offer a review of a 'forgotten book'.  Instead, here is a selection of books that are about that period in history or reflect upon it...

And of course the excellent Bernard Cornwell who brings history and battles alive:

Or you can cast an eye upon a plethora of maps detailing major moments in the history of the U.S.


ChuckTyrell said...

Somehow I didn't like Bernard Cornwell's The Fort. His four books about the Civil War are good, and I imagine the history in The Fort is good, but I just couldn't really like it. And I read every book Cornwell puts out.

Neil Waring said...

Thanks we are looking forward to a great celebration here in our little Wyoming town. And by the way, 'Centennial' is my all time favorite book.

Nik said...

Chuck, maybe it was the semi-documentary style of writing for The Fort? Hope you had a great celebration, Neil! I've got the Centennial DVD, but have still to watch it.