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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Magnificent Mendozas - blurb

Due out some time next year, my sixth Black Horse Western novel, The Magnificent Mendozas. This isn't the official blurb, but it'll do for the time being:


Ross Morton

Southern Colorado, 1879. The gringo town of Conejos Blancos has just hosted the Mexican circus; no sooner do they move on to their next venue than Conejos is visited by Hart and over thirty desperadoes intent on taking over the place – and the adjacent silver mine! The sheriff is slaughtered and many of the townspeople are held as hostages.
            In desperation, two boys escape from the locked-down town. They recruit seven Mexican circus performers, the Magnificent Mendozas: the troupe comprises Mateo, the leader, and his wife Josefa, both expert knife-throwers; Antonio Rivera, sharpshooter; Juan Suaréz, gymnast and trapeze artist with his companion Arcadia Mendoza, who is also good with bow and arrow; José, younger brother of Mateo, a trick rider who lusts after Josefa; and Ramon Mendoza, escapologist. In order to penetrate the cordon of sentries and free the hostages, the troupe employs their many skills.
            Not everything runs smoothly, however. Soon, it’s a battle of wits between the Mendozas, Hart and his men and the townspeople. There’s betrayal, bravery and plenty of quick-fire action… and death on both sides.

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