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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bullets gets a new cover

Same story, new cover.

I was pleased with the latest review on from Annie from Aberdeenshire, which in part goes like this:

This Cash Laramie outing, by yet another author, is about 119 pages long, and every one of them is full of action, following the twists and turns of what appears to be a straightforward tale of a corrupt mayor running for re-election, using every dastardly trick and opportunity for bribery that his immensely deep wallet makes easy. Oddly enough, the worst corruption comes from someone else.

The various authors of this series all seem to have at least one skill in common: they can each portray their characters with a very few words, and still give them distinctive identities. At the same time, both Cash and Gideon remain constant, regardless of who is describing them. In this book, a fresh piece of Cash's history is revealed, together with its consequences, and my only real criticism is that the author does not seem to make any effort to show the impact this would have on the Cash we already know. Anything more would be a spoiler, but see what you think.

There's a rather clever literary touch, in that the first and last sentence of the story are the same, but there's a gap of 16 years, and it's not necessarily referring to the same individual, nor true in both cases: read it and judge for yourself.
I'm pleased that little touch got noticed. It actually echoes someone else's last words in a book of 1953...


David Cranmer said...

Very fine review, Nik. And I'll continue to shout thanks your way for all you have done for this series.

Nik said...

And another good review from Stephanie since the new cover was released... (Still only 18 reviews in .com, one or two went walkabout, it seems...)