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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Billy Bookcase

Readers invariably possess books - even those using e-readers!

Books cry out for bookcases.

In  my youth, when first serving in the Royal Navy, my books were kept in boxes; since I was only visiting home maybe two or three times a year, that made sense. However, once married and living in our own home, wherever we moved to, I've put up book-shelves. Some of the paperbacks go back to the early 1960s. I love to browse the shelves; some books bring back fond memories; others have yet to be read!

I was intrigued to read that IKEA's Billy Bookcase sells at a rate of one every ten seconds. Worldwide, that's 60 million. It was designed and came onto the market in 1979. The main attraction is that the bookcase can be added to as one's collection of books expands.

The popularity of the Kindle et al has not affected sales; in fact, sales of bookcases have increased - as, reportedly, have printed books.

Books decorate a room.

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