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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Writing, writing... as you do

Sorry I have been absent from posting new blogs here, but I'm active writing and doing other related 'stuff'.

I've finished a sci-fi novella involving time travel and Roman Britain in AD 192 and 193, the latter being the year of the five emperors, a fascinating (and blood-thirsty period). Then again, it seems that every period in Roman history was exceedingly sanguine!

Presently, I'm writing another time travel novella set in future London and 1897 Transylvania!

Then it's time to write a chapter in a shared 'universe', a western series called Wolf Creek.

Besides that, I'm attempting to design new covers for the Tana Standish psychic spy series, since the rights have now reverted to me for the first two missions, Prague and Tehran.  There are three which will be self-published: Mission: Prague, Mission: Tehran and Mission:Khyber. In addition, I shall be self-publishing two other books currently out-of-print, The Bread of Tears (formerly Pain Wears No Mask) and Death is Another Life. A time-travel sci-fi novel will follow in due course. All under the Nik Morton byline.  If Dennis Wheatley could publish horror, sci-fi, thriller, historical, ghost and adventure tales under one name, and get a massive following, maybe I can do the same and not worry about so-called branding (though I doubt I'll get the 'massive following'!). My belief is that readers are adult enough and intelligent enough to appreciate the genre of a story by its blurb. If a reader doesn't like sci-fi, no problem, but they might like my other genre fiction.


Neil Waring said...

I read and write in several genres and like it. Like you, I don't think readers will care.

Nik Morton said...

Thanks for the feedback, Neil. Good luck with GHOST OF THE FAWN.