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Thursday, 30 June 2016

'An added twist...'

Today, I found a fine birthday surprise - a review of my book Coffin for Cash, so thought I'd share it here:

"I know you aren't a 'Westerns' fan but give this one a try” said a friend with whom I occasionally exchange books. The Westerns genre has never been a favourite of mine; I find the storylines a little predictable but I suppose most genres are formulaic to some degree.

Well, here's a Western that I truly enjoyed. Apparently the book is from a series that features ongoing players, here it's Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles. Continuing readers will already 'know' their characters; I didn't but soon felt able to identify with them.

The title of the book and the contents of the blurb may lead you to think you can guess the plot. I think not. When did you last read a book involving such a gamut of characters as Chinese workers and miners plus a dodgy bank manager, even dodgier lawyer and a slot machine salesman. Oh, and of course the feminine side is also represented. You could rightly begin to think 'Ahh, this is a bit different'.

If that isn't enough, there is an added twist but not in the tale itself which I found pretty innovative. I guess that author Nik Morton may be an admirer of Edgar Allan Poe. The tale is sprinkled with nods and references to the famous writer's works and characters. However, whether or not you notice them won't affect your reading pleasure at all.

Maybe the good guys win in the end - who knows? Well I do, but I'm not telling! I will say that this is a well written tale that moves smoothly along at a good pace using colourful but believable characters and as a self-admitted Outlander to the genre, I vote this a very good Western.

Thank you, Mr Robson - particularly as you're not a fan of westerns. Your review, like all others, is greatly appreciated!

Coffin for Cash can be obtained from Amazon here
 It's also a reasonably priced paperback!

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