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Friday, 12 February 2016

Great choice of character name!

In today’s newspaper I’ve just read a very favourable review of Mike Herron’s newest MI5 spy novel, Real Tigers, third in the 'Slough House' series, hot on the heels of his earlier two outings, Dead Lions and Slow Horses. And he's also a fellow Geordie, no less...

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I read that one of their spies, who is kidnapped, is named Catherine Standish!  Now, this just shows what a great choice of name Mr Herron has selected.

Reminds me of my own psychic spy character, Tana Standish, whose first two adventures in the 1970s can be found in The Prague Papers and The Tehran Text. And he’s also used Catherine, which is the name of my heroine in the 'Avenging Cat' series, viz Catalyst, Catacomb and Cataclysm – and usually she’s called Cat, which is doubly appropriate, since the series is published by Crooked Cat Publishing!

Catherine Standish. Yes, it has a certain ring to it.

May be worth looking up the above. Certainly, Mr Herron has gained an enviable number of reviews and kudos.

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