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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Thank you to reviewers!

As we’re approaching the season of Goodwill, it seems appropriate to thank all the readers of my books who have made the effort to write a review. Yes, that includes those who for one reason or another didn’t get on my wavelength; you can’t please all the people all of the time. I don’t write to please everyone, though I hope to (that’s the unrealistic romantic in me, I suppose)!

Today, I’m featuring a few samples of reviews for Spanish Eye. Why have I chosen this book rather than the other eighteen or so I’ve had published? Tomorrow, I’m posting a Christmas story that was previously published (and commissioned by a local periodical) and it featured this tale, which can be found in Spanish Eye.

Be assured, if you wanted to find a suitable book gift for Christmas, Spanish Eye would fit the bill, as it has something almost for everyone. (I should have been a politician, using ‘almost’… well, you can’t please…)

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Amazon COM here
From Goodreads: Mairi Cameron: I wouldn't usually choose short stories, generally the longer a story the better, and if it's part of a series then better still! However, this book features a series of tales about the same private investigator, and gives a real feel for the characters and locations …I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to further books featuring Leon!

From Laura Graham, actress, novelist: Spanish Eye is a collection of short stories set in the heat and the dust of Spain. Our courageous private eye, Leon Cazador, half-English, half-Spanish, and sometimes disguised as Carlos Ortiz Santos, guides us through the action. These stories are humorous, insightful and sometimes tragic. Leon Cazador is not afraid to bring the bad men to justice, and so help to restore the balance in this world. Beautifully written … with a simple and uncluttered style which draws you in to the heart of the story.

From George R. Johnson, USA: The tales run the gamut of the usual crime stories(con men, kidnappings, car theft ring, crooked politicians) and the odd stuff (smuggling, both exotic animals and illegal aliens, terrorists). All fun stories, a bit of humour here and there, others deadly serious. One story had me grinning at the beginning, but sobering quickly as the end approached.

From Elizabeth Sullivan, author: Spanish Eye is a fabulous read. In his crisp depiction of Leon Cazador, Nik Morton paints a portrait of everyone's hero. This cross-cultural character is dashing, daring, and delightful. He does whatever it takes to make good triumph over evil. While reading these exciting stories I experienced myriad emotions. I laughed, cried, and became incensed. I cheered and clapped, but most of all I felt a confirmation of universal values.

From Paul Mutter, journalist: A particular difficulty with short stories is that they are exactly that – short. All too often they can be over before they have really begun, leaving the reader somewhat frustrated. But Nik Morton has managed to create a collection of 22 individual stories … which are absolute little gems. The pace of each is perfectly judged to reach its conclusion at just the right time and in just the right way. Nik has also managed in many of them to weave in topical Spanish themes and issues such as immigrants trying to get into Spain from North Africa, drug running, memories of the Civil War and the corruption of Land Grab in Valencia to name but a few. I can thoroughly recommend this book. Not only will the tales appeal to general lovers of short stories but in particular those with experience of living in Spain will I’m sure feel a certain resonance with these stories.

From Truth42, Amazon review: This collection of detective stories is a really great read. Linked together by the main character Leon Cazador there is a wide variety of complex cases; some of them take you back to detectives such as The Saint. Beautifully written by someone who obviously knows how to tell a story... Fantastic stuff!

From Kay Reeve, expat, Spain: Living on the Costa Blanca, I found much that was familiar combined with an insight into a very different and darker side of Spanish life. The colourful characters and intriguing twists made these stories a really enjoyable read and one I would really recommend.
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