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Monday, 23 June 2014

Five facts about my protagonist

I was tagged by Crooked Cat Publishing’s author Jane Bwye to reveal five facts about a protagonist in my current work in progress.
I’m working on two books at present – a fantasy and a crime thriller. As the thriller is for Crooked Cat, let’s keep it in the family.
The work in progress is Catacomb and it’s a sequel to Catalyst, the first in ‘The Cat series’.
The protagonist is Catherine (Cat) Vibrissae, born in 1985.
1) She’s a trained chemist (Oxford University – Chemistry – 2006-2010)
2) She’s also a fashion model, with the catwalk name of Cathy Gledhill
3) She has bronzed, tanned features – weather-beaten from rock climbing, one of several sports she pursues when time permits.
4) Her clothes are a mixture of designer and High Street.
5) She has sworn to ruin Loup Malefice and his company, Cerberus.
Now, I’m tagging Ailsa Abraham, Richard Hardie, Michela Sacchi O’Brien, Catriona King, and Cathie Dunn.

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