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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Blog Tag alert

On Monday, I'll be posting my blog tag. I blame Lorraine Mace for getting me into this
( for involving me in the blog tour.

What this particular tour entails is answering four questions and then finding three other writers to tag who will answer the same four questions.

The first bit was easy enough.

The second part has proved difficult. I've approached six writers and have one willing victim erm, volunteer (worth ten pressed men; they'd be too flat to type, being pressed in laundry parlance). I'm still looking, though running out of time... Must be a cue for a short story here, with a deadline? Of course it's laudable of the writers who have declined. They're busy with their WIPs (no jokes, please!).

So, for now, please have a look at Lorraine's answers to those questions
and, for this subject, I'll be back here on Monday.

Tomorrow is Friday's Forgotten Book - a sequel to Dances With Wolves that has been sadly neglected and deserves a wide readership.

And on Saturday, there's another previously published short story, 'Wall of Conflict' - one of those twist ending tales. 


Schmoozyschlepp said...

Hi, I have a writing blog on here, Only Writing - and although I am not a heroically well published writer I have had non-fiction published, and I have two very hopeful novels getting positive feedback from agents #nearlythere? I can probably find 3 writers to hand the baton on to. So if you're really desperate...

Nik said...

Thanks for responding. Yes, please drop me a line at