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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Noises off!

Spanish Eye contains 22 cases from Leon Cazador, half-English, half-Spanish private eye.  It was released on 29 November, from Crooked Cat Publishing.

The vast majority of these cases are based on true events…  The short story ‘Big Noise’ was first published in magazine format in 2008: here is a very brief excerpt:

Big Noise

“What kind of surprise have you got for me?”

“You’ve come to the right person, Mr. Santos!” Darren Atkins said, speaking louder than was necessary in the tapas bar that overlooked the Plaza Mayor. “My product is the best on Spain’s south coast, take my word for it! I’m the big noise around here!”

Every sentence tended to end with an exclamation. This self-styled important person was big in other respects as well. Even when I use my real name, Leon Cazador, rather than my undercover alias of Carlos Santos, I stand six feet high in my open-toed sandals; yet Atkins was a couple of inches taller than me. His Hawaiian-style short-sleeved shirt bulged due to his big muscles and shoulders. Because he had shaved his head, his big ears appeared more prominent and tended to press forward like little radar. I wondered if that feature prompted him to go into the acoustics business.

Well, I said it was brief…

From time to time news reports echo the Cazador tales, and this is but one of them, from the Costa Blanca News of August 30, 2013:

To find out why Cazador is undercover and what happens next, please read the book.

Another snippet from the same story, about noise:

Spain is the second noisiest country in the world and Madrid has been branded the most noise-polluted city in Europe. It’s a pity, as our capital is an attractive thriving city, a place where I enjoy staying, even if it has to suffer all those politicians, many of whom haven’t yet quite grasped the concept of democracy. Like all the great cities, Madrid has its parks, places to walk and take in the fresh air and get de-stressed. William Pitt the Elder said of London’s parks that they were ‘the lungs of London’ and I believe that’s true of all city parks, which enable us to breathe fresh air, isolating us from the stress and noise of the street and office.

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