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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

International Men’s Day - 19 November

I'd never heard of International Men’s Day until I recently stumbled upon an item in a local newspaper. You do wonder if all these special 'days' have any effect. I suspect they do; they don't do any harm, I guess.

The official line is that it is a time for many people to reflect on the contributions, sacrifices and progress made by men in society. Such progress includes that of men working together with women to make educational, economic, social, and technological advances in society. Topics that may be discussed or showcased through various media, activities and events on the day may include:
  • Men’s and boys’ health.
  • The importance of gender equality.
  • Improvements towards gender relations in all societies.
  • Positive male role models for younger generations. [The italics are mine].
  • Men’s roles in community, family, relationships and childcare.
  • Healing and forgiveness.
Meetings, workshops or group gatherings may also be held on this day to focus on overcoming challenges such as domestic violence and drug abuse. International Men’s Day is supported by various organizations worldwide, including the United Nations (UN) to promote basic humanitarian values, which is laudable.

In other words, let's get along and set a good example, folks, because we're a long time dead!'s_Day

Apparently, International Men's Day also ties in with "Movember" – a worldwide moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health, one of the key themes promoted on IMD; it also ties in with Universal Children's Day on 20 November. International Women's Day is marked each year on March 8.

Have a nice day.


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