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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Keep an eye out!

Please keep an eye out for this, due for release at the end of November.

This is the superb cover from Crooked Cat Publishing (UK) who are publishing my collection of short stories 'as told to me' by half-English half-Spanish private eye Leon Cazador. 

All of the stories were previously published in a number of magazines and collected for release by Solstice with 21 stories; an extra 'day in the life' tale has been added for this brand new edition.

An extract from the Introduction:

In the middle of 2005, I received a telephone call from a Spanish private investigator, Leon Cazador. He’d heard of my efforts with a novel about a nun who used to be a cop and wanted me to write up some of his cases in a similar vein in first person narrative. I’ve lost count of the number of approaches I’ve had from people wanting me to ghost write their autobiographies, it’s gratifying but any such venture entails many months of intense work and distracts me from other planned projects. I was inclined to turn down SeƱor Cazador until he said, “I thought you captured the voice of Sister Rose perfectly. I feel you could do it for me, too.” Suitably flattered, I arranged a meeting. I found that he was a fascinating raconteur and more importantly, he had a good story—or rather stories—to tell. As a result, I began writing Leon Cazador short stories, purportedly as fiction, all of which seem to have been well received.


The world needs brave souls like Leon Cazador who is not afraid to bring the ungodly to justice and so help, in his own words, to hold back the encroaching night of unreason.

            “My allegiance is split because I’m half-English and half-Spanish,” he says. “Mother had a whirlwind romance with a Spanish waiter but happily it didn’t end when the holiday was over. The waiter pursued her to England and they were married.”
Meanwhile, to continue the Spanish theme, there's always Blood of the Dragon Trees! - -


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