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Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Day in the Life...

Banco Sabadell produces a quarterly magazine, Prestige. The latest issue, #46 Winter features A Day in the Life of... me, talking about my fondness for Spain and my short story collection Spanish Eye - tales from Leon Cazador, PI.

The magazine is around for about three months and is sent to the international clients of the bank group and can be found in all their banks - so that may be thousands. Doesn't mean they'll all want to get a copy of Spanish Eye, though.

Coincidentally, as well as mentioning those 21 tales about Leon Cazador, the magazine runs a feature about Leon, the medieval and photogenic Spanish city.


David Cranmer said...

I just realized I haven't added Spanish Eye to my Amazon BTAP spinning wheel. I will do that tonight.

Nik said...

Thanks for the continued interest in Leon,David. He'll be appearing in a novel later this year... I hope!